Day two Global Chess League: World’s strongest player Magnus Carlsen makes his debut

Day two Global Chess League: World’s strongest player Magnus Carlsen makes his debut

Dubai, 23rd June 2023 – The second day of the Tech Mahindra Global Chess League witnessed the debut of Magnus Carlsen, the strongest chess player in the world. Carlsen played his first game against Ian Nepomniachtchi, a two-time challenger for the world crown.

The first to face each other were the teams of SG Alpine Warriors and Balan Alaskan Knights. The match ended with a score of 9 to 7 for the SG Alpine Warriors. The match saw the two strongest players of the event making their first appearance in the Global Chess League – the current world champion in rapid and blitz and the top-rated player in the world, Magnus Carlsen, and the two-time world champion candidate, Ian Nepomniachtchi. The game was largely calm ending in a draw relatively quickly, which was not the case for the rest of the games.

Balan Alaskan Knights gained a significant advantage as Teimour Radjabov won as black, earning them four crucial points. Fortunately for the SG Alpine Warriors, they made a comeback with two victories, securing six points.

After draws on two other boards the result was 8-6 for SG Alpine Warriors. Everything was hanging on the last game between Indian chess hope Gukesh D who was up against Nodirbek Abdusattorov, the 2021 rapid world champion. Abdusattorov made a strong push from the early stages, but Gukesh managed to hold his ground, ensuring his team’s victory with a final score of 9-7.

“I had a small edge but it was largely even through. I wanted to play a more interesting game but this one went the way it did,” said Carlsen who also noted that he is excited to be taking part in this event which is more dynamic and different to most others in chess.

In match four the Chingari Gulf Titans played as white against Triveni Continental Kings. Both started with a defeat on the first day and were looking for their first victory.

It started well for the Titans whose players managed to create stronger positions and take initiative in the match.

In the duel of the prodigies, Nihal Sarin scored an impressive victory against Jonas Buhl Bjere, setting the Titans off to a good start. However, following a mistake in a tense game, Daniil Dubov allowed Wei Yi to score as black, making a comeback for the Triveni Continental Kings.

As the four other games ended in a draw – including between heavyweights Jan-Krzystof Duda and Levon Aronian, this meant that Wei Yi’s victory was crucial to secure them an overall edge of 8:7 in the match.


23 June 2023 

Match 1

Queen of the match – Irina Krush

King of the match – Teimour Radjabov


Match 2

Queen of the match – Polina Shuvalova

King of the match – Wei Yi